User reviews for ‘2020: Amargeddon Edition’

‘2020: Amargeddon Edition’ was a hit with gaming critics, however the public’s reception of the game has not been favourable to say the least. We complied some of our favourite reviews of the game. Enjoy!

FUck you 2020 for being so shit.

Waste of my time. 0/5 stars, you will be hearing from my lawyers about this.

All i got was depression WANT A REFUND

The gameplay is very realistic, however i somehow lost my job in the real world because i played the game??? now the economy is dead?? wtf????? terrible game if i can even call it that.

whats with the nazis in this game bit concerning :/

so i get that the game is based off a distopian version of earth where governments become more ‘popularist’ but why do they always seem to fetishize the nazis? this doesn’t make sense narrative-wise and i think the developers are secret nazis. dont buy this game.

Everytime I try to buy certain items in-game it is never avaliable

I know the developers wanted to simulate an overburdened supply chain to help wiht immersion, however i simply cannot buy any toilet paper (out of all things!!!) despite how much money I have. This bug needs to be patched! My character is currently suffering from an infection due to not being able to wipe his behind. I really don’t want him to die and lose so much progress but i also heard that the economy ingame is already fucked so who knows.

Developer replied: stfu idiot we’ve not patching shit LOL suffer bitch