The fire from the funeral pyre gives off an unbelievable stench

Don’t be surprised when people vomit and retch

You want to burn a thousand goats to your god?

That’s fine but don’t forget the angry farmers you robbed

I see you filling your chalice with the tears of the poor

I see you getting drunk off their misery

I see you stripping children of their innocence

Taking the life from their eyes

Crushing their dreams into powder

Dividing your lines like how you divide the people

Addicted to the intoxicating high of supremacy

I see you building an altar to your false god

Preparing another holocaust to your false idols

Do you think god would be pleased?

When you maim, torture and kill his beautiful children?

Who taught you to lose your compassion?

What makes you blameless?

Building monuments to your majesty of vanity

She commands a sacrifice from her oppressed slaves

Her throne is built on bones of children

In her temple with columns of skulls stacked high

The officials grovel to the caricature of justice

Their contemptuous promises serving to destroy a forgotten people

You die the hero or live to become the villain

But it doesn’t matter if you were a villain anyway

It’s great to have a fall guy

Cause then nothing you do has consequences

Burn the witch, stone the fag

Jail the distenter, lynch the coloured man

Make them our unwilling vessels for our iniquities

And make the village blameless